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What is RestroX?

RestroX is not just a POS system. It is an ultimate restaurant operating system gathered with high-end features compacted all in one app. It is enclosed with all the multifaceted requirements from orders, billings, sales, inventory, staff, social media, and accounting management in a single system.

RestroX Best for Operation
Best for operation

Operate your restaurant from the menu to inventory, staffing to department, social media to reviews, and many more.

RestroX Best For Onwers
Best for Owners

Keep track of your employees and staff wherever you go anywhere at any time.

Best For Startups RestroX
Best for Startups

RestroX is free so it is the best app for any startup business that is in need of a restaurant operating system.

Work Smarter With Powerful Features

  • Trust your account with us. Access your entire transaction history with confidence knowing you’re protected by first-class payment security.

  • Tailored perfectly for your every need. You can manage your customer's order sources in one system compatible with cross-platform use.

  • Order from your phone, customize your menu. Enhance your guest experience with digital menu or QR Menu solutions to satisfy your guests with an excellent and always up-to-date menu.


Let Your Restaurant Be More Than
Just A Restaurant

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Digital Menu

Manage your menu and orders through QR code and scanners. A digitized version of a restaurant menu is available to your customers via QR codes.

Account Management

Keep track of your financial transactions and cash flow management. Manage your sales reporting and customer engagement.

Staff Management

Manage your staff profile and their roles. Invite your staff and simplify your day-to-day work with a single platform.

Table Management

Manage tables according to your floor plans. You can create space on the basis of your restaurant structure and view.

Multiple Restaurant Management

You can manage many restaurants and own complete control over the operations of the restaurant from anywhere and from any device.

Inventory Management

Setting up and managing your inventory is easier than ever. Manage your stocks. Keep track of your purchase invoice and suppliers

Solid, User-Friendly, Flexible

Restrox is a full-service restaurant operating system that offers a variety of user-friendly experiences in a single app.

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Get registered in just a few minutes

Registering in Restrox is easy. It's just like registering into any other app. Just get started and start managing the whole operations of your restaurant all in one app from anywhere and any device.

Multiple restaurants? Manage without hesitation.
  • Create limitless restaurant channels. Take complete access to your restaurant’s activities and manage multiple restaurant channels seamlessly.

  • Handle your multiple restaurant channels by using just a single app and make your restaurant management easy.

Be More Efficient With Real-Time Analytics

Get all the that you need to know about the functioning of your restaurant in real-time that you can view anywhere, at any time by just using an app

Operate your restaurant with less stress
  • Keep track of all function and Operations happening at your Restaurant.

  • Get insights related to your overall sales in real-time, and on a regular basis from anywhere at any time through the app.

Operate Your Restaurant with RestroX
Easily Monitor Sales With RestroX

Easily Monitor Your Orders
And Sales Summary

With clear, and high sales reports, use our system to stay on top of your cash flow. Manage your customer's orders and sales summary reports from any location and at any time.

Manage orders

Serve your customers faster

Financial Tracking

Easy and quick sales statistics.

Change your restaurant

Get started with RestroX. Your all in one app. Multiple features,
incorporated all in one app.

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RestroX Availabe on Both Android and IOS

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