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We are better Here is why?

RestroX is not just a POS system. It is an ultimate restaurant operating system gathered with high-end features compacted all in one app. It is enclosed with all the multifaceted requirements from orders, billings, sales, inventory, staff, social media, and accounting management in a single system.

RestroX Best for Operation
Best for operation

Operate your restaurant from the menu to inventory, staffing to department, social media to reviews, and many more.

RestroX Best For Onwers
Best for Owners

Keep track of your employees and staff wherever you go anywhere at any time.

Best For Startups RestroX
Best for Startups

RestroX is free so it is the best app for any startup business that is in need of a restaurant operating system.

We have the finest features available in the market

RestroX is free so it is the best app for any startup business that is in need of a restaurant operating system.

Digital Menu

Manage your menu and orders through QR codes and scanners. A digitized version of a restaurant menu is available to your customers via QR codes.

Accounts Management

Keep track of your financial transactions and cash flow management. Manage your sales reporting and customer engagement.

Staff Management

Manage your staff profile and their roles. Invite your staff and simplify your day-to-day work with a single platform.

Table Management

Manage tables according to your floor plans. You can also create space on the basis of your restaurant structure and view.

Inventory Management

Setting up and managing your inventory is easier than ever. Manage your stocks. Keep track of your purchase invoice and suppliers

Multiple Restaurant Management

You can manage many restaurants and own complete control over the operations of the restaurant from anywhere and from any device.

About us

Shape your entire restaurant operation in one system

RestroX is an ultimate combination of restaurant operating systems gathered with high-end features compacted all in one app. It is combined with all the features that a restaurant needs.

It brings together a varied range of services from integrated online ordering to tracking of inventory, managing your staff and business reports, automated inventory, and a cloud-based system.

Don’t settle for less

Most businesses use various computer terminals, coupled with POS software, to ease the process of managing everyday operations and sales transactions. RestroX is the system that will provide all of these features.

Be updated, wherever you are

With RestroX not only high-end restaurants but the small business restaurants will be able to use them.

Compatible and can be operated both on IOS and android as well as the web.

Easy to use

Get registered in just a few minutes and monitor your entire restaurant operation from the app.

Staff Management

Monitor your employee's performance and track your staff's activity.

Automate Invoices

Take control of your inventory, automate your invoices, and optimize restaurant operations.

Real-time analytics

See your everyday sales and operations of your restaurant wherever you are

Preparing your restaurant to blend in every situation

We offer the most exclusive services designed for the convenience of users.

It's easy to get started.

What makes us the best? It's the support we provide. Let's get in touch now.

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