Multiple Restaurants, Multiple Roles,
One App!

  • It’ easy to manage your chain restaurants. Monitor your restaurant's activity from anywhere through a single system.

  • With a more secure hierarchy, it allows access to confidential and non-confidential information based on your responsibilities in the restaurant.

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Give your team the tools they need to work smarter

RestroX is an all-in-one app engraved with a lot of user-friendly features. RestroX is a full-service restaurant operating system with a cloud-based infrastructure and industry-leading integrations and features. RestroX is the solution that can adapt to businesses of all sizes and kinds.

Simplify your online ordering experience

  • Help customers easily order their favorite menu items with ease and take orders through the app from anywhere and from any device, anytime.

  • With RestroX, you can manage and update menu items and take orders easily.

  • Enhance your customer experience with QR and digital menu solutions.

Simplify Online Ordering Experience with RestroX

It’s easy. Experience exciting features for free!

Yes, it’s free. With RestroX, you can manage your entire operation of the restaurant regardless of your business type by just downloading the app for free. Get the app now!

user friendly restrox
User Friendly

An app that is both user-friendly and compatible with users for better functionality and performance.

fully featured with restrox
Fully Featured

Many features are built in to set up your restaurant right away. Since it's free everyone can just download and access its features.

customize the app with restrox

Build up your restaurant according to your need in the app. Contact us or see pricing plans to customize the app according to your needs.

Staff Management and Manage Team with RestroX
Staff Management: Make The Best Team

You employees are your most important resources. They're the people who make your business rise up to the top. Restrox staff management will help you to easily create a staff and invite staff to your team.

Manage your team in an easier way
  • Apart from the other operation of your restaurant, get to manage your staff and employees effortlessly.

  • With RestroX, hire your employees and staff in a digital way and ease the process of hiring.

With more than 500 users around the world are already using RestroX app.




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  • Contactless QR Code

    Show your menu digitally in the most possible way. Create unique QR codes with easy checkout.

  • Inventory Management

    It’s easier to manage and restock your items. Get to know your stock quantity and your suppliers.

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